Raunchy Airbnb confessions revealed


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That’s according to the review website House Method which surveyed more than 1000 Airbnb guests and 100 hosts about what really goes on behind the scenes, only to conclude that guests can be “pretty obnoxious”.

From pet peeves to freaky incidents, the survey found that the Airbnb experiences can be so bad that nearly half (48 per cent) of hosts have considered chucking in the towel due to the poor behaviour of guests, while 22 per cent had already stopped hosting for this reason.

The most infuriating act was by the 41 per cent of guests who admitted to leaving the air conditioner on while they went out for the day. Other common annoyances were failing to read the check-in information (15 per cent), along with changing arrival plans at short notice (also 15 per cent).

Meanwhile, roughly 13 per cent confessed to sneaking in extra visitors in an attempt to avoid the extra fee some charge for additional guests, 12 per cent confessed to messaging the host frequently and 8 per cent broke the host’s rules around how they were using the space.

There were some interesting results. Picture: House Method
There were some interesting results. Picture: House Method

When it came to steaming things up, most hosts wouldn’t have their heads in the sand about the fact people will be having sex in their homes but they may not realise just how far out of the bedroom the antics end up going.

More than half of guests said they have had sex while staying in an Airbnb (53 per cent), with some doing the deed in the living room, dining room and even the kitchen.

Eww. We wonder how well all the surfaces are cleaned? In light of the next finding, we hope the answer is very often, and very thoroughly because around 32 per cent of those surveyed admitting to leaving “sexual fluids” on the sheets in an Airbnb.

So where were the most popular places for people to do the deed, outside of the bed? The shower was the top place for some raunchiness (28 per cent) followed by the couch (22.5 per cent), hot tub (10 per cent), kitchen (7 per cent).

The survey uncovered some surprises.

All in all, it’s no wonder that hosts are cautious, as Airbnb — along with other property rental sites — have hit the headlines on many occasions over recent years for badly-behaved guests, including this Melbourne rental that was trashed earlier this month.

A house in Footscray, Melbourne, that was trashed by 150 youths who had hired the house through an online rental site.

However, it’s important to note that millions of people have stayed in Airbnbs and other short-stay rentals around the world without issues.


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