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Outlaw Hotels and the Housing Crisis

Outlaw Hotels and Government Regulation

The Business of Outlaw Hotels

  • Morningstar-Pitchbook Airbnb valuation
  • The other side of AirBnB - Commercialisation of the Sharing Economy
  • One of the earliest statistical reports investigating the growing commercialisation of AirBnB and the private short term letting industry in the US. Using data torn from AirBnB's website, they found that in some cities over 60% of AirBnB's revenue could come from outlaw hotels
  • Evaluation of the Law for home sharing
  • A report prepared by the French government on the short term rental industry, and its most important player AirBnB, in France. It argues that up to 80% of AirBnB's revenue in France could come from commercial operators, rather than true home sharers (in French).
  • Racial Discrimination in the Sharing Economy
  • The original study into racial discrimination in the sharing economy, finding that African-American AirBnB users are more likely to be rejected by hosts - which would be illegal in a normal hotel. Many other studies have replicated these findings.

Outlaw Hotels and the Tax system