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Outlaw Hotels: the threat to the modern city

This website was created to raise awareness of the issue of outlaw hotels in the “home sharing” industry. Right now, hundreds of thousands of homes have been turned into “outlaw hotels”. That is, apartments devoted 365-days to short term rental to tourists. These outlaw hotels are having a massive impact on the communities that host them. See our introduction to the topic here.

To raise awareness, we decided to collate information from across the world about the issue, this comes in three components:

    • In our research section, we keep a selection of key reports and publication on the topics, coming from academics, NGOs, think tanks and industry associations
    • In our news section, we keep a stream of news article on the topic of outlaw hotels and the problems of the broader home sharing industry as well as a summary of the state of the law in the city
    • In our cities section, we keep brief primers on the legislative environment in the city itself.

We have also created a member only section where organizations struggling with the outlaw hotels – such as hotel associations, housing NGOs, city governments and other groups – can raise questions and form connections to help them work on this topic. If you would like to join the group please, please see our membership page.