Police swoop on wild party in Tarneit


Police have swooped on an out-of-control party in Tarneit overnight,  arresting several teenage gatecrashers over offences including attempted robbery and criminal damage.

A group of about eight youths allegedly attempted to rob a teenage boy’s phone and money in Finchley Park Crescent, Tarneit about 11pm on Tuesday, police were told.

Police arrested four teenagers in connection a party in Tarneit on Tuesday night.
Police arrested four teenagers in connection a party in Tarneit on Tuesday night.CREDIT:REUTERS

Then, about 5.30am on Wednesday, police were called to a house in Harmony Drive, Tarneit after complaints of a  “disruptive party”.

It is believed up to 30 youths were at the property and police arrested a 16-year-old Harkness teen in relation to the earlier attempted robbery.

A second male, aged 16 from Deer Park, was also arrested at the property in regards to criminal damage.

The party was dispersed, but nine youths later returned to the address on Harmony Drive.

Police were again calledabout 9am on Wednesday following reports of an assault and a group of girls damaging property.

Two 16-year-old girls were arrested at the scene for breaking a car’s windows with rocks and were later held in custody.

“At about 5.30 this morning we had a complaint of a noisy party in Tarneit. We responded there very quickly,” Wyndham police commander Adrian Healy said.

Commander Healy said the party was held at a long-term rental property and had been gate-crashed by troublemakers who were distant associates of the tenants.

He said the owner of car that was damaged was at the party.

“Clearly there is some potential issue between the two parties. We’re trying to get to the bottom of that,” he said.

Commander Healy said there were no wider problems with the group.

He said police had bolstered a taskforce to crack down on out-of-control parties, including working with short-term renters, researching social media and engaging with party-holders.

“It’s not an unlawful activity to have a party … [But] there are some elements of the community that do have these parties with a view to creating some damage and some issues and noise, so we want to get on top of them,” he said.

The investigation continues.