New rules for AirBnB in Los Angeles


After over three years of political debate new rules are finally coming for short-term lets in Los Angeles.  The new rules are both a loosening and a tightening for the industry. A loosening because, previously, practically all short-term lets were illegal under city planning law. A tightening because while the previous law banned short-term lets the city council never actually enforced them. In contrast, the city government has declared that they really plan to apply the new regulations strictly. We await to see the impacts. 

Under these new rules, set to go into effect in July: 

  • People can only rent their primary residence (defined as the place a person physically occupies for at least 6 months) 
  • Must pay a $98 registration fee
  • 120 limit on nights rented, unless hosts buys an $850 extended short-term letting permit
  • Require written approval from landlord
  • Must be in a residential property (i.e: no tree houses) 

 For more info, see here (Link)


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