East Sacramento Residents Not Happy With Airbnb Rentals


SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The signs on the front lawns tell part of the story—an Airbnb symbol crossed out with a red line.

Almost every home on La Purissima Way has the same sign erected in front of it, but Airbnb opposition in East Sacramento hasn’t stopped renters from making themselves right at home. And the locals aren’t having it.

“I just feel like it’s gonna ruin the neighborhood,” said Anthony Vitti.

It’s a tight-knit family friendly neighborhood in East Sacramento. Neighbors say it’s under siege by Airbnb guests.

“I don’t think this neighborhood was set up to have a hotel in the middle of it,” said Vitti.

He points to the bungalow next door, which he says lost its charm when unruly guests began moving in and out, whenever they please.

“Late night parties. Loud noise,” he said.

“We have not played loud music and we have been gone most of the day and come home at night to sleep,” the renters there now said.

They preferred not to show their faces on camera. But the renters there now say they came for a family wedding. And wish they never stepped foot on this block.

“I’ve rented homes in Paris, Italy, on the East Coast, Hawaii and have never had people watching you like you’re robbing the place,” she said.

Neighbors say they’re not attacking them. This is about Airbnb rules and regulations.

“I don’t think they really can monitor these houses they rent out,” said Vitti.

City officials agree. And say many tenants don’t report their rentals. City data shows there are 150 permitted Airbnb rentals throughout Sacramento. But there can be as many as 400 listed online.

And until there’s a way to check them all, and shut down the bad ones, neighbors on La Purissima Way, plan to put up their own guard.

“I saw the neighbor next door was taking a picture. I think they’re making something out of nothing,” the renter said.

Either way, an Airbnb spokeswoman says people worried about so-called party homes, can post complaints online.

For now, neighbors here —plan to take their concerns back to city hall Tuesday night.