Airbnb host: Guest busted down door of locked room, stole thousands



ELLENWOOD, Ga. — As the date for the Super Bowl in Atlanta draws closer, a lot of people are considering renting out their homes.

But a homeowner in Ellenwood said she’ll never do it again, after she said an Airbnb guest broke into a closed-off room and stole thousands of dollars of belongings.

The 11Alive viewer said she and her partner rented out their house from Saturday until Tuesday. But, hours after the guests left, a friend came by to lock up the house, only to find someone had kicked in a locked bedroom door.

The homeowner said multiple items had been stolen – including a gun.

When the viewer contacted Airbnb about the situation, they told her to reach out to the guest and try to resolve the situation.

11Alive checked Airbnb’s policy and found it does offer a “host guarantee” for damages not covered by a security deposit for up to a million dollars, but the host has to contact the guest first to see if they can resolve the issue without involving Airbnb.

If the guest doesn’t respond after two days, however, the host has the option to apply for the host guarantee.


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