You Might Be Able To Claim Compensation In A Class-Action Lawsuit Against Airbnb In Quebec


If you’re a Quebec resident and booked an Airbnb anywhere in the world between 2014 and 2019, you can participate in a class-action lawsuit and get compensated up to $45. 

Approved by the Quebec Superior Court on September 23, the class-action alleges that Airbnb illegally advertised “fragmented prices” on their website and mobile app between August 22, 2014, and June 28, 2019. The American company has seen a surge of popularity in recent years across the globe and many Quebecers use the site the book their vacation accommodations. 

Under the settlement, Quebec residents will be eligible to receive a $45 credit on their Airbnb account. The total compensation package is $3 million.

The class-action is open to “all residents of Quebec who have made a booking on the Airbnb platform for purposes other than business, and who have paid more than the price originally posted,” according to the judgement.

The plaintiff, Martin Preisler, alleges that Airbnb violated Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act “by showing consumers one price, but then adding 13% to 17% more on account of ‘Service Fees’ at the last step.” Airbnb categorically denies the allegations.

The company changed its policy on June 26, 2019, and “displayed pricing for Accommodations inclusive of the applicable Guest Fees.”

The class-action was originally filed in 2017 but was only approved late last month.

The plaintiff alleges that while booking accommodation for a trip to Florida, he paid an extra $141 in service charges on top of the quoted room price. 

Section 224 of Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act stipulates that no company may “charge, for goods or services, a higher price than that advertised.”

The lawsuit will have a hearing at Montreal’s courthouse on December 3, 2019. Quebec residents can apply today if they qualify for compensation.

If you qualify, you should receive an email that links you to a page where you can claim your Redeemable Credit. Make sure to check all your inboxes! 

The credit will be applied to your Airbnb account for any future reservations you might make. You’ll be eligible to claim your credit within 24 months (or 2 years) of obtaining it. 

Written by Teddy Elliot for