Customs Investigations Manager Warns Airbnb Hosts to be Cautious Following Record Meth Seizure


Customs Investigations Manager Bruce Berry explains to Magic Talk Drive host Ryan Bridge how almost 500 kg of methamphetamine was stopped from entering the country.

Bruce explains how customs were able to successfully stop the shipment which he says was concealed in a very complex and difficult to detect way, hidden deep in the working of electric motors.

He tells Ryan that customs had targeted this company and had laid then work in advance to find the drugs, saying “when the company undertook this importation… we were ready for them, we knew there was something and it was a matter of finding it.”

He further explains that AirBnB hosts should take caution when renting out properties as they have been used as bases for shipping in drugs.

He said warning signs might include people who insisted on paying cash and staying for unusually long times.

Listen to the full interview here.

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