Partygoers trash $3 million Melbourne house booked on Airbnb


Local residents armed themselves with golf clubs and hammers. Credits: 7 News

Partygoers have trashed a multimillion-dollar Airbnb rental in Melbourne and violently assaulted local residents.

The partygoers booked a $3 million house in Hawthorn and held a party that soon got out of control. Local reports said residents armed themselves with golf clubs and hammers to defend against the violent thugs who roamed the streets.

“I thought maybe they were going to damage the car or the house, and they were breaking things and a couple of them got into a fight,” said resident George Grigorian, describing the party about 60 people attended.

When a female neighbour was threatened by a partygoer, an elderly male resident, 72, came to her aid and was knocked out, according to reports. He had his keys and wallets taken before being kicked and punched by up to six females.

The house where the party was held was left with shattered windows, ripped out fittings and graffiti on the walls. It’s believed the female who booked the house on Airbnb faked her details, police suspect.

Police attended the scene “a couple of times” after receiving reports of “alleged assaults” and noise, according to acting superintendent Darren Cooper.

Two weeks ago, a similar story unfolded in New Zealand. A teenager was been banned from Airbnb after he hosted a boozy party at a residence he booked in Dunedin.

The police reportedly arrived to an “out-of-control, underage party” where about 100 youths – believed to be 14-15 – had gathered to drink.

The homeowner said his property wasn’t damaged, but there was broken glass, vomit and “booze splashed up on the walls”.