Tourism Accommodation Australia is weighing in on the Airbnb debate, backing calls for regulation of the market.

CEO Carol Giuseppi joined Ray Hadley to reiterate the need for balance.

“The decision needs to be properly thought through. There are huge ramifications for rental affordability, rental availability and hotel investment”.

Ms Giuseppi’s other concern is jobs and the commercial operation that Airbnb has become.

One example is a single host with 253 active listings, who is currently raking in $3.8 million dollars a year.

Proposed regulations to Airbnb would cap the number of nights homeowners could lease their properties at 180 nights.

Tourism Accommodation Australia wants that cap to be 90 nights.

Ms Giuseppi made the observation to Ray Hadley, “Serviced apartments only came into this market 20 years ago and they’re regulated”.


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