Police investigating underage party at South Boston Airbnb


Boston police are investigating a loud party at an Airbnb apartment from over the weekend in South Boston.

Officers responded to a noise complaint at 532 East Eighth St. around 11 p.m. on Sunday, and watched “young adults and minors running out of the back yard,” according to a statement from police.

“Upon making entry into the apartment, officers observed a strong scent of what appeared to be burnt marijuana, as well as multiple open containers of alcohol,” the statement said. “The apartment appeared to be in a state of disarray… ”

The apartment’s smoke detectors were detached and put in a bedroom drawer, according to police.

Witnesses told officers that it was an Airbnb rental property, and the renters had been noisily partying and drinking all night. Police said they were unable to reach the renter.


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